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blues for bricktop

by Sandbloom

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mandr8ke This is Kevin Sandbloom first love for me. Bluesy, intimate, spiritual and aware, this is beautiful work. Favorite track: little tighter.
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solid wood 05:13
Solid Wood You hush my baby You are my lady Forgive my failure You are my savior Looks like-had enough My fault-falling down Sounds like-mockingbird Calling-from above Some days my head is solid wood I wish my boat was solid wood Too much belabor Do us a favor-darlin' please Forgive your failure My heart enslaver Looks like-in for love My cup- filling up Sounds like-katydid Singing-like she was
muddy waters 06:27
Muddy Waters Don’t it take you back Don’t it take a shine Would that we could ride Into better climes I don’t feel no shame I am just the same as anyone Up in this town Holding on to something That I only hope Doesn’t take anyone down We be not afraid It is but the same We all have our feet on the ground Try and take the bad time-flip it into good Tell me now how does it sound Oh muddy waters Stayin’ on lo-fi Oh muddy waters Free Friday nights Bake another bread Make just what you like Mix it up with salt Leaven it with right
on the ocean 04:14
On The Ocean The light diffused through the trees Remembering me I should wait And always was a goal And always was a lie My soul belongs to the ground that I roll on And the sun-always struck me dumb Always stuck These are the days-waning on the ocean Blinded by hours-waning on the ocean Your tone entirely beneath What I would call brotherman And I can’t let it in And I can’t let it out Shown up and do what you will Been a long time so it was Everything I broke was everything It’s coming through like a sound Pulling me up from a dream And it was all the same And it was something new I chose a path of my own Couldn’t have been any worse Had it chose me instead It chose me It showed me
easier now 04:14
Easier Now It’s easier now by the hour As I lay down low into the sea As hard as we try middling Couldn’t get around wanting you so Something you said resonated Life until now-was it real Our middle name by persuasion Is diamond in the rough Won’t you agree Can you imagine where it’s at We couldn’t be much closer now Truth droppin’ in our loving cup Baby fill me up-if you please Can’t tell you enough I’m about Holding it up for you can see When I can walk into my own I’m staying here where I’m to be
The Sick & The Righteous Please don’t leave Gone like everyday My disease is a game in a way They-they’d do anything until When you really need You wont remember The sick and the righteous We're getting better And we forget They wont stay-high like everyday My own way-is a man in a frame Fear-take me by the hand And show-show me how to lead You won't remember Breathe low and sideways This world is so righteous This here is our sick world
holler 04:21
Holler Got a mindful-mindful And I can save it-save it I can do no worse I can holler-holler And there’s a siren calling Claiming Imma burst Gotta move a mountain and it’s me And I’m tellin’-tellin’ you This I will do first Now I gotta holler-holler I’m in need of all my forces gathering Enemies-my eyes they surely work And I can see lord-honestly Am I hotter-hotter And I can taste it-taste it I can take your worst I’m a voodoo chile Come cast your spell and I believe it Leave it-you know there’s nothing Here to sell Now I gotta holler-holler Like Vesuvius Once a king-I’ve fallen to my knees And I’m in need lord-honestly Hotter-hotter There’s a siren calling-evermore Holler-holler I can take it-take it nevermore
Blues For Bricktop I watched the sunflower sleeping I knew that you were keeping Light upon the maze surrounding High above it all she's dreaming of Hallelujahs You knew just how to turn A thorn into a rose Pixie stick to your sweetness Fill it within complete this Work ourselves around assumption Surely it will bring us something good All is as it should You knew... A minute more a million less And what now is is not A southern squall-a northern gust High above it all High above Show me the word namaste Practice what I try to say Roundabout if nothing else dear Let it be if something is enough Whistle while our love You knew... Come on-yeah
Little Tighter Once in awhile-you can turn a page And it falls away There you were all the time Come up for air and get serious About not drowning What will you find-with an open eye When it’s turned inside It should happen to us Get back and check it when it’s coming on High in the night Roll a little tighter You control the ends and the means to say Mad at it all I’m enabling why you be that way Was it something I thought Hey love I’m certainly weary of trouble and I’m In on the tide of a mercy moon In the month of may Would you marry the same This life ain’t nothin’ if it isn’t as Deep as it’s wide Once in a while-you can hear the call You can let it all-mean whatever you want So you’re prayed up But can you take it with you Or do you send it along Roll a little tighter Say what you mean You got the means to say You control the ends
flagstaff 04:47
Flagstaff If I was a fisherman I sure need the water Isn’t it only right If I was a carpenter I sure need the mortar Isn’t it... If I was a guitar man I sure need a preacher Isn’t… If I was your lover baby I sure need the cover Isn’t… Could we be something so fine Something we could wave Up high And yet still be free And I can count on a single hand Everything I’m sure of Isn’t… And I can’t give you an answer when You know what you’re made of Isn’t… I’m living up to the better man I know that I’m able Isn’t… And we are all deserving of Our seat at the table Isn’t it only right
Be The Mother Suit yourself-I know to some extent we’re On a shelf- adrift like continental Little else-can come from he said she said I need help-and who was listening at all Send out your residue It’s on you Tick and talk-about the same old story Goldilock-she always liked the middle Path to pen-cil in another answer You can’t win And that’s one we can live without You can be the mother that you are You can be the father of them all Send out your sunlight-you ain’t right Ditch the air-for being so damn agreeable If we dared-we wouldn’t be with it at all Give out the giving in-all I’m sayin’ Keep it strong Natural You can be What you are
You Ain’t Changed It’s a bitter fruit A benefactor of and it’s apples and oranges Not still life I cauterized-what could’ve Gone insane And I stumbled into a man who said There’s a condition There’s always conditions (chant a psalm a day) The game plays on And you ain’t changed Now consider this considerately more In a word I can sum it up just fine There’s a turnaround And there we are again And the world is alright just jump right in There’s a dimension To add to my tension Ain’t no silver lining All we have is what we do and say Ain’t too proud to need you Ain’t enough to pick it up And do it over again Feel myself surrounded Turn it off so I can go some more Does it have to be so fleeting Now it’s back to pick it up And do it over again Does it coincide or correlate with you Was a medicine ball I took in stride Another somersault Another summer without us And I couldn’t begin to make it tight To put out the fire Now we walked a wire
meanwhile 05:42
Meanwhile When she comes to me She comes with everything When she calls my name She knows just who I am When I break the chain You hold the ends for me When I turn away You ask for faith in us An innocent mind you are And all in do time we walk Takes away-takes away What are we to do in the meanwhile The golden age is gone Wrapped up in tinfoil On a misty morn You are my vision In that certain way She comes with everything When she pulls away Blown into pieces


released November 10, 2002

Kevin Sandbloom - guitbox/vox/knob twisting


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Sandbloom Los Angeles

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