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by Sandbloom

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Shallel Totally aware music in tune with Nature, and full of Grace, Fun and Soul! Support Independent Artists and enjoy this gem. Favorite track: Boom (featuring Joshua Silverstein).
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Earth Sacred 03:52
EARTH SACRED The earth is sacred Without her there would be none of us The earth is mother We should be careful with all of her The earth is nature Don’t be afraid of where you come from The earth is balance What she will give will be gone someday Brothers and sisters I know we all can be smarter still Brothers and sisters Show us a way to be more humble Give me love Give me love Give me love The earth is wisdom How did she know how To give us life The earth the distance However small we can all do well The earth we honor We’ll all be gone so let’s leave Well enough alone Let’s leave well enough alone Give me love Give me love Give me love
They Say 04:17
BOOM (featuring Joshua Silverstein) Boom goes the world in a second Boom goes the world in a mushroom cloud Boom goes the world at 11 Boom goes the world cuz you play too loud Did you hear about Antarctica? I think there are aliens down there Man what are they spraying in the skies? Looks like they’re playing tic tac toe or something Why do we have all these chemicals in our food anyway? People can’t even drink the water anymore Did you know that wifi is bad for you? Is my television recording this conversation? I heard it was illegal to collect rainwater, is that true? Are there really huge cities underground? I heard all these terror attacks are fake There actually is a cure for cancer, they just don’t want people getting better Why is my baby getting so many vaccines all at once? Everyone I know is sick, what’s going on? I heard the whole cities going to be underwater in Just a few years Are we all insane Yes we’re all insane Are we all the same Yes we’re all the same
Technology 04:15
TECHNOLOGY Technology - who made you and me Technology - is natural and it’s free Technology - we carry memory Technology - the universe agrees Love is perfect as it is Children perfect as they are Nature perfect as it is You are perfect as you are Trees are perfect as they are Birds have flown for much longer than we - won’t you agree Water perfect as it is Earth is perfect as it is Feet are perfect as they are Eyes have seen for millions of years Lungs are perfect as they are Your face is so perfect so perfect so perfect Flowers perfect as they are Your food grows from the ground like this Rain is perfect as it is Filtered by the clouds above Wanna know how to learn just ask a child Wanna create life just ask a woman Wanna learn how to swim you know how fishes get down Wanna feed others just ask the ground Wanna nurture life you gotta follow the river Wanna know how to fly just ask a bird in the sky
BO DILLY GENGE DO I got more stuff than you No matter how much you own When your gone you take nothing but your butt and your bones Success is a lie TV is a lie War is a lie Poor is a lie More is a lie Stuff is a lie Rich is a lie Growth economy lies Modern is a lie Tech is a lie Phones is a lie The new car you ride Planes a lie Heaven a lie Bless your heart But hell is a lie ------------------ Music is real Sports is real Art is real Love is real Bodies are real Brains are real Earth is real Trees are real Flowers are real Sharks are real Spiders are real Now them snakes are real Cows are real Birds are real This paradise around us Now this is real All we have is now
IN MY HEART THERE'S A LION Lord let me be free So that I may see Others breathe Breathe a freedom song Lord let me be good So that I may teach What it means To live life as one In my heart there’s a lion People we’re ridin’ righteous I know they keep on trying Daily we’re fighting - survival Lord let me be real So that I may feel Everything Feeling like a king Lord let me be strong So that I may lift Everyone Feel my warrior In my heart there's a lion Won't you hear me roar
Plant Trees 04:31
PLANT TREES Someday our gardens will be bare There is a monster in the air I can’t believe we made it so Intentional or not it hardly matters now Together we must work the soil I’ll help you if you help me won’t you Plant trees They breathe us into life so I’ve taken over my domain I want to breathe clean air again I fail to to see the point in ever giving up Our children, oh our children they depend on us You betta Plant trees
Cicada 03:47
CICADA Cantar con timbal Softly I will walk beside you all La noche - when we sing I can hear you now sugarwing Oh oh So sorry Cicada We couldn’t Make it up We took all Of your songs From the world Where we belonged We needed you Far more than you ever needed us Esta es verdad Pensamos que nos queríamos vez I miss you the most The sound of everything in the wild I still do the most The world and everything We were wild
Rewild 05:25
REWILD To the other side We talk of time To the other side With whom we collide We held back our end All through the ages We held up ourselves As gods deposed What we want is to rewild All this ecocide Let’s get back into the wild No more ecocide Rewild No ecocide Perfect never was A way to light it up Let us take the day And with the sun With the sun With the sun
BIG OL LEMON PIE IN THE SKY In everyone there lives the sky We chase the sun that shines so bright We know we walk so tall and free There’s nothing wrong So just dance like there’s a Big ol’ lemon pie in the sky Little Rosie don’t you cry Sometimes we win Sometimes we lose We always have the right to choose We make it up Like every day Like it’s a game We all know that there’s a You are the one I love so much That will not change That will not stop You’re special and you have big brains You know this song So just sing it with me


released April 22, 2020


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Sandbloom Los Angeles

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