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Deep Sparkle

by Sandbloom

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Foolish Heart ————————————— We are not the sum of all we have We are living hungry you and I Look at this mandala Made from all the life we lived Manifest all the ways We can enter quietly And I still belong here We might be better for my Foolish heart You're not the only one Why not remember How we used to start You can take my body And my soul You've got medicine To make me whole Pushing it everyday I can't ever fake the funk Echoing all the pain born But not the product of We still belong together I know I'm better for Your foolish heart I'm not the reason for it I can't forget girl How we used to start I still belong to you girl You are the owner Of my foolish heart I'm not the reason for it I can't forget girl How we used to start I’m not the only one Why not remember How we used to start We still belong together You might be better with My foolish heart
Deep Sparkle 04:47
Deep Sparkle ———————————- Sorry day when I let it change Everything in me Sorry dear there is only room For our happiness Just a little more I will do love I will Do my best Tell me when Freedom from within Until then We will play again Come my friend Night is fast upon Now and then I still hear your song Deep as it comes Took it all just have it all yes And I paid the price You're the glue and my wonderwall Yes you’re my pride and joy Devil please get from over me There is only so much
First Thing 04:32
First Thing ———————————— When the morning comes When the morning comes I wanna see your face Oh oh first thing First thing You were my favorite shade of special/summer And now I said something I can't ever Hope to understand You were my favorite bowl of magic And now you do something you can't ever Give me nothin'
Universe 03:56
Universe ———————— All the things we made All the things we built for us All the trees we burned Just like our dreams of having everything In this universe Did you pay the cost Of lighting up your world Did you turn your face To children begging just like animals What you know of this universe You and I in this universe You can't own this universe Was it strong enough To hold back the tide Did you make enough For the other side to be just like This universe
Well 04:02
Well ———— Take upon yourself to treat me well This is not my will but a request Blue sky so is blue despite your sight We continue to come to the light Hate to see you so upset Was it you inside my head Your philosophy well tearing me down How is that supportive By my side is still my heart Beating for you in my chest And this prescription for heartache Ain't giving me no rest no Bully you for bullying Never to remove the plank And there was hopes and dreams Broken now/scattered in the kitchen Catching all the memories Confettied to the sky in your rage And this was supposed to be chapter three And not the final credits
Show Up For Love ———————————————— A little lost and lonely Give me little bit of that shoulder I say Said I need some lantern love Saddle up what they know is heartless Scream in the void that it's heartless Well I find my message in love My my my Hey hey Set me free we'll never know the end Highness, above my name Fa sho show up for love Show up for love Show me love Can't get enough
When You Know ————————————— When you know that you know How it feels is so right When it takes 2 to go All the way to moonlight You gave me that feeling I can't begin to thank you enough For bringing back my faith in love When you shed your shell All it takes is trusting If you treat me well All is in receiving Better to be closer Delegate my heart to Open up Baby I'll be yours if you'll be mine Energize my soul Differencing a new time When you make me whole Nothing but completion Pleasure to renew you Pleasure taken on this rocky road Let's bring it back Wonderful one I know we got some ooh wee Come on and get some You lookin' just like Come on and get this I know u got that ooh wee
Come Back [Happiness] ————————————————————— Oh in our time together I can taste your love Insecure fears to question Written all over my face I can only worry About Our little one When we abandoned Happiness Oh come back to me Come back to me Written all over my face We have lost our direction Lost in selfishness When did you trade affection For the cold comfort of hate So far behind us Happiness Come back to me
Anyone 04:17
Anyone —————— My fate is signed into owning Whatever I need need to get by My choices come down to luck And the highest of high My conscious needs a direction A protector if u will Give me this time Promise to do it right Are u that one Who will save me A story told not as fiction Did u question the obvious Who cannot feel in their own heart What they know is right But who will come this time All the messengers we killed There may not be another Who will lead us Home Where is your shame Really bro U can do better Where is your mind Sister now It's hard to believe This is the best That we all Can make of this life U are the one Who should free Free us My chains engraved by a cartel With designs to profitize My hopes and dreams are projected On tv screens I can't do better than shaking Off the ashes of pollution And living as natural It is all we have This is our one moment To return to Home
Ur The Sun 04:05
Ur The Sun —————————— In my story Ur the glory Ur the sun in my life If I never Come together Ur the sun in my life Sit inside My kaleidoscope Halfway gone to the time Listen I can never get it back again Hide in silence Innocence is lost As iron sharpens iron This is all I have to give u now U will share this Kindness Bear this Hallelu Who we are
Move Something ——————————————— Today's my day To get on my feet To release my pride To give up the past To make love at last Today’s my day To take off the mask To show up and do work To see what's my part To make a new start Come on Move something
Meantime 03:56
Meantime ———————— It happens once in a lifetime You find my question in your timeline What if the two of us could spend Everyday on the earth When you were mine when you were mine You took me far across the ocean Among the paper cranes we told them There were no secrets only rain To wish us good luck Good luck I know you are In the clutches of an angry god I still believe There is power in the love of love But it’s over It’s over In the meantime Why won't you tell me You want me baby I only wanted to Want you baby


released April 15, 2016


all rights reserved



Sandbloom Los Angeles

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