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by Sandbloom

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apricot man 04:06
Apricot Man: So it is So I will do this alone I want You with all my faults Telephone Tell me you want me Come home You'll have Me with all your faults All it is All in good measure We'll mind it That's ok Whenever you decide Little wing When are you going To come down I'm here waiting For the one Serenade you with The new morning sun What more Could we want for now Said enough Say it for always Whenever you decide
Willfulfillingness: Keep falling harder still One for stepping forward Hundred more to go Keep climbing mighty walls Insurmountable that's just The way it goes And I keep doing something Wrong I keep doing something Keep pushing onward still It might be too late But I can't let it go Keep feeling terrible Never knowing what it is Or where to go Prove nothing(about) It's all another cell Of do and tell Willfulness left behind I guess it's just as well If I should fail Willfulness left behind Hard as they run You caught me tryin' You got me tryin' again
wave 05:17
Wave: And in the morning When I wake up I tend to Prevaricate I wasn't lying when I told you Told you where I wait And all the foolishness I gave you I gave you without Taking heed no I never learned If I asked you baby Would you try And in the middle of My sorrow You put up The barricade I wasn't frightened When I saw you Saw you drop your face If I held you baby Would you break Just like a wave And on the evening of My freak out I felt our disparity I wasn't speaking on The way out Waiting out my mouth And in the moment when I saw you I saw you without your Poker face no I never did
Blues For Minneapolis: Emotions-emissions Conditions I brought upon myself Have taken over If I find the reason At least then I'll Know it better when It comes around again That's why Listen everyday Takin' my own time Paying them no mind No not ever gonna shy from Looking for that sign Asking people why My friends on my side Get it-gonna get it good Course I'm the kingpin I happen to do my level Best whenever my back is up Forcing the issue-I want you To sing it loud and proud So they all can hear And if our love Is to survive I can't memorize Those hurtful lines I might as well get over it I'm over it Ah-easy now We are a tandem at random And this is what is meant By undeniable We're going unnoticed I know this is where It's supposed to be In the meanwhile Come on-come on We got to put it on The table
Kings & Horses: (m'evita-m'evita-me evita) How the mighty have fallen On Sunday afternoon And how did things Get so broken My motives do improve Playing kings & horses No one's innocent How the mighty have fallen On Sunday afternoon All the world is my teacher When I get home from school This is not just a token Yes I will be there soon Oh my strange emotions My ever changing moods All the world is my teacher Yes I will be there soon You left me standin' At the cornershop bebe You left me hangin' In my lemondrop bebe All that we hear is In the air All that we see is Everywhere All that we say is But a prayer We are nothing but soul
all mighty 05:02
All mighty: Close your eyes And say these words Sometimes I feel Just like you do Hummingbird don't Fly away home My love won't Feed you anymore In days I hear Your soft refrain Fill my world Amazed at what my Eyes have found Sunshine all mine Today I plant My feet again for real Today I lost my Only friend Sweet love rolling down Her face Said hello To an old scrubjay Wind chimes where No one ever goes So much falls By the wayside And what's true It changes everything
earthbound 04:14
Earthbound: My days are for living I Cannot indulge in Woe is everything That's a rut I Can't climb out of My arms are for loving I Can't hold on to The madness in the wind It's so far from our Little world When the water Gets too deep for us That's the moment to swim To where you find Heaven is on the earth Come out of your Head enough to cast Your lot among The rest of us Man up man Overstanding out Tenacious says I'll Get into anything That moves me like That day I looked And you were there When the love I'm Looking for runs out There's a reason to trust In where you're going Heaven is on the earth
After The Show: Heaven knows that's All I ask is that you Hear me when I say I'm inclined to let You know what's up What's up I can feel so low inside With no purpose or my pride I'm prepared to let you go Stay up-stay up Go ahead and trust them Go ahead and trust them all Hands are for shaking Hearts are for breaking Didn't you respond in kind When I let you into mine Wasn't I the one to fill You up- your cup I couldn't guess to Save my life I can't Read between the lines What'd I do to make you Stall me out-I'm out As I'm mixing powders cruel I feel the push and then The pull it ain't easy Coming down-re/up I can be your cannonball It's a role I can't re-fuse Gimme room I'll light myself Back up
sugarwater 03:53
Sugarwater: Some day I'm gonna find you And tell you just why How much more consuming I'm keeping it inside Gonna get a new take Upon a feeling Oh come on sugar In letter I can taste it That sweetwater is mine I wanna be in motion When everything is fine Gonna get a new take Upon a future Oh come on sugar Come tear yourself A slice of mine Surely you won't swallow Fading so well into The tide Verily I see all We're running out Of backdoors It's truly come time No sweeping it under To each his own divine Gonna get a new take Upon a ceiling Oh come on sugar
and then sum 04:38
-- And Then Sum: Meditating I'm comin' up Levitating I'm blowin' up What I'm pushin' isn't love But something more Along kind Give up it's certainly Easy to take my leave Now it's ever so Clear to sus Why never nearly enough Now it's ever so Clear to sus Why it takes The sum total of us It don't pass for Just showin' up It don't last when Your time is up Better to bring everything Or man that's never Gone fly Big up it's certainly Easy to take or leave It don't pacify It don't pacify It don't treat me well
Chili For Real: My funny little valentine I get weary Loneliness is only My state of mind Come taste my Dandelion wine Looking forward something I refuse to let inside Now I'm back on Colorado New year's eve All by myself Do re me fa so la de da Where'd you go Where'd you go I won't feel this way Tomorrow I'm measuring the Summer flow Ain't it perfect Burning off the fog That holds me so I know not where The hours go Kicking backwards Never saw the forest For the trees Now I'm at the Colorado My guitar is waiting For me Turn my back on These old fossils Where you going To drown your troubles Beer and Chili Colorado We hit full At Alvarado Now I sit here At the table She looks up and smiles At nothing


released April 10, 2004

kevin sandbloom - vox/guitar/samples


all rights reserved



Sandbloom Los Angeles

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