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from a bird

by Sandbloom

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from a bird 04:27
From A Bird ----------- When I can Be worthy of your name Miles from a bird She flies in the moment Sage how it burns Like a whisper I only I Can choose what the weight is Made up my mind To be with you precious I been beggin' over you Wear the sign The least I could see yeah Oooh We Close in my fault To seeking the answer Lime to my salt We're moving together Lo I'm on ebb The same separation One more time For the child Who does without fearing All of us blind To what each is needing Show us how you find There's a word The light can be learning Oooh We Got to look both ways Crossin' ya mind Don't turn yo'self out
bounce 04:09
Bounce ------ Fit the pieces Hour by hour Feel the forces Taking over Fared the worst of What I took We're so different now Take a look Bounce with me Now is the time Here's our means To another life Come on say You know me well What's my name What's my name S.A.N.D.B.L.O.O.M. Here we go again
wired 03:34
Wired ----- If I got a mean bone In my body Who's the one Who put it there If I got a smile To give you Oh you know I wanna share Won't you put your Arms around me Show me that you really care I'm calling I'm calling I can't let ya I'm wired If I wanna tell You about it Oh would you make it right Would you come see me About it oh would you Come see about me Momma said "hush now baby, Baby don't ya cry"
trouble 04:32
Trouble ------- Hungry still And though you never will Alarms they ring And you can feel the air Don't you know That you get tired enough Empty cup Fillin' it up Fillin' it up Feeling is so Deep inside you now I know trouble You know everything Have it all Yes, you can have it all Take it home For you and yours alone Take your time And build it up Empty cup...
Is It A Crime ------------- This may come, This may come as some surprise but I miss you I could see through All of your lies But still I miss you He takes her love, But it doesn't feel like mine He tastes her kiss, Her kisses are not wine, They're not mine He takes, but surely she can't give What I'm feeling now She takes, but surely She doesn't know how Is it a crime Is it a crime That I still want you And I want you to want me too My love is wider, Wider than Victoria Lake My love is taller, Taller than the Empire State It dives and it jumps and It ripples like the deepest ocean I can't give you more than that, Surely you want me back
fresh 04:56
Fresh ----- Listen up people Made up my mind This time to talk about How we're livin' Make it simple Too much confusion around Makin' my own decisions More betta baby That's what we are for Trying just a little bit Harder We are together So many in this world Same thing in the end There's no separation Fresh in your mind Everybody wants everything And that leaves nothing Cool it out Save it for later Less is more and that's What you will find when You come back wanting Ocean's calling Gonna stand at the point Where everything changes And the world turns to liquid Smooth like glass Sun rises in the east Wind is silent There's no separation
heat 05:10
Heat ---- I been feeling your heat Yes, Yes for some time You are thoroughly modern Evolved, involved and inside We are here for a reason I think that you can guess why I been feeling your heat All over Workin' for ya baby Workin' for ya baby Hold me right Believe in love It isn't much Just earth, sky, Stars and such Hold me right Believe in love Of all things amazing
replay 04:51
Replay ------ And I'm gonna see you again Hell I'm gonna feel Everything that could have been I'm alright I know It for what it is Replay it all over again And I'm gonna think On it again Where I know I've been There are things I can never repair I'm alright no I Can't take it back Replay it all over again
evil calm 02:54
Evil Calm --------- All about feeling Who you are underneath Now you're so evil Yes you're so evil Why you so evil? Evil calm All about saying It's alright if ya need Never that evil Hell if I ever get evil Now tell me what's so evil? Evil calm Say what you mean Mean what you're sayin' Feel what ya feel Move through your feelings Let it go would you? It's not that big a thing Now you're so evil Runnin' on evil Layin' on evil Evil calm Gotta get me some of that evil Why'd ya make me go and get evil? Now I'm sittin' back with this evil Evil calm
one mountain 04:51
One Mountain ------------ Believe me I threw it away Denied a good woman her love Forsaken you see me still My blessing is to be heard No one of us is misguided I could never be more certain You smell so much like my sweet thing When you will lay me down Almost similar worlds collide There is only one mountain to climb Wasting a moment alone I should have taken you home Forward we walk whether We want to or not Neither of us is mistaken Of this we can be so certain You taste just like my sweet thing When I will lay you down Almost symmetrical worlds collide There is only one mountain to climb There is only us and moonlight


released June 10, 2005

Daniel Seeff - bass
Karim Imes - drums
Melany Bell - percussion/backing vox
K. Sandbloom - songs/guitar/vox


all rights reserved



Sandbloom Los Angeles

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