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mad love activate

by Sandbloom

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mandr8ke thumbnail
mandr8ke My favorite track isn't listed here, however this is the first album that featured "Viva Los Angeles". Great track. Really enjoyed the harmonic chemistry on this album.
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lovechild 02:37
Lovechild ---------- Na, na, na, na Honey child Hope and will To never compromise The truth of us - Truth of us You define what I be Together we are love Baby one ain't enough No no I Honey don't ya love The love child in me The devil finds His way to work Come on and take A piece of my joy Fine with me - Fine with me I got more than I deserve and Ain't all the sinners Just saints? Tryin' to find A way through this Na, na, na... That's what it is You are the business Let's form a corporation I'm on a pace to surpass All my previous records Imma savage you With so many kisses I Can't even stand to be near Imma, Imma lose it on you Honey don't you love The love child in me
Viva Los Angeles ---------------- Push it over the line Push it one more time Baby that's love Got to get down or lay down Put a notch in your belt And then cinch it tight Someone might say That isn't healthy or sane It's so easy to find you On the avenue of damn straight You betta get you some While you here Viva Los Angeles Livin' where the fools gold Looks like sunshine I couldn't tell you I know the difference Even your children know This is where the hustlers Go to get it I hope you find Whatever you're lookin' for As a matter of fact Yes I like it I like it like that Sound of the city Drownin' me Yes it's cold and it's dark Drivin' down the boulevard Of broken dreams Somebody help me say Anybody help me say
All That Money ------------- Pack that gun As smoke rings curl What you gone do With all that money Baby roll chains And make that change What you gone do With all that funny paper Harmony was her name Still we made her Just to live Ain't the game - well Pushing that pain In so much noise What you gone... Filling your tank And your conceit What you gone.... Harmony, love be damned Still we made it Just to live Ain't the game - well Wrong ends and cold men Press flesh To sink their teeth into But where does it end? I'm looking for a way out Not a way in And there's no time to waste There's no fear to carry There's just the line Between what is And what could be So come heal me Whatever it takes I'm waiting for your message I'm just a vessel of Blood, bone & muscle They say what And you are ready What you gone... Got to St. James To bless the steady What you gone... I believe the sign Of the times is bottom line Hallelujah maybe On Sunday we'll be kind Sure you're innocent - No the television don't lie Do you prefer your world In color or black & white Or shades of gray Rattle that cup For screws attention What you gone... Digging that hole With slow convention What you gone... Pushing that pain In so much noise What you gone... One deserves Everything they earn What you gone.. Harmony was.... Slow your nature
always 02:46
Always ------- Keep my hand On my heart Keep my mind on The problem I have Right in front of me Keep it up if you don't Think the one's that You trust to protect you Are runnin' things Left is right Down is up Am I looking for ways To pretend that there's Nothing wrong Keep your ear to the ground Keep your eyes open wide And be ready for anything Always There's a song that you sing When you welcome the world And all of us that live in it There's a path that you walk When you answer a call That is truly righteous Underneath all the smoke And the mirrors The Wizard of Oz was A little man Tryin' to find his way home As a duty I think we should Help him find it Always There's a smile on my face Everytime that I think Of my son when he's all grown and I hope that the sky Is still blue and in the sea The fish are swimming So go ahead and live your life And live it well But don't stop livin' For the future Always
Same Old Tired world ----------- I stand inside another space And in it I will find myself An ordinary modifier surely It will come to bear Tomorrow brings another day And I will find the words alone Intimidating though it is I will find a way to change 'til then I'm living in the same old tired world I'm looking on the road ahead And I can see it either way I built it up with my two hands Lest it fall into the sand December comes and with it my mood Turns toward the rain upon my window Make it last it never will Love me when my troubles come Tell them I'm living in the same old tired world
Smooth Assassination --------------------- All levels set to zero So near my dear Heaven to be sure Your lights are Strictly northern Your honey words Hanging in the air Need I say amen Must have been all Over your body It was a smooth Assassination of Everything I tried To resist You got my mind Up in a spell If it's my soul You want then take it I read your best intentions Submitted twice Failed to see the rhyme Girl in due time Now we've reached Full ascension Catching it all Catch me when I fall Yes I will fall
Let's Stay Together ------------------- Said I'm so in love with you Whatever you want to do Is all right with me 'Cause you make me feel so brand new And I want to spend my life with you Let me say that since, baby Since we've been together Ooh Loving you forever Is what I need Let me be the one you come running to I'll never be untrue Ooh baby Let's, let's stay together Loving you whether, whether Times are good or bad, happy or sad Yeah Whether times are good or bad, happy or sad Why, somebody, why some people break-up Turn around and make-up? I just can't see You'd never do that to me (Would you, baby?) Stayin' around you is all I see Let's, we oughta stay together (Together) Loving you whether, whether Times are good or bad, happy or sad, come on Let's, let's stay together Loving you whether, whether Times are good or bad, happy or sad
echoplex 04:37
Echoplex ---------- Baby Ain't no talkin' about it You know how I feel I'm on top of a mountain And I wanna stay You can't ever be happy If you never play Why you worry about it That's just how it is Relax your shoe leather You can't run forever Time is not indefinitely Working under a cloud Take it back we gonnna Make it rough on each other Sho enough I've been a fool For you I'd do it again Such a frown you wearin' Upside down I'm fearin' We can't have much More than this and that Is all I can stand Tongue-tied my mind twisted Make it better please sista Say you'll be there for me Now is when I need you again
Beautiful Mess -------------- Sanctified baby Better off With a wounded heart Better save your words Comin' back In a poisoned arc Believe what you want You know I will All the missing pieces Fall into place When I stop and take a look At this beautiful mess We made Bonafide baby What I feel for you is real Gonna let it all flow out You know I will
Devotion Time ------------- Devotion time Well devotion time I'll admit All I want is you I believe all I want Is you You know baby That we made a home With hearts and pain And there's a Whole lotta love Whenever we come To be together She said Hello baby yes You make my day Whenever you call And I can't get enough Enough of your Sweet stuff Come over here cause It's devotion time Well well baby What you do to me It must be somethin' Cause I wanna stay Under your fingertips Caressing my cares And worries They are small Compared to what We share I wanna Let it out Just let it all Wash away Making sure that it's Devotion time I don't mind Gonna let my love shine
Listen Out Loud --------------- I'm a mile a minute I'm a man about it Suga what Can I be missing? I'm afraid to say this Any other way it's Suga what Can I be missing? It's in the moment we made Heavy as the month of July It's in the things That are said Maybe we should listen Out loud I've been down that river But i can still cold deliver Suga what Can I be missing? You're a Lazy Susan I'm an angry human Suga what Can I be missing There's no easy Change of weather You can let it out An ocean There is nothing left To gather 'Cept what's on my mind My son
someone else 04:52
Someone Else ------------ It's in the way that you want I can do without this projection It's in the way that you sulk I can do without this possession How we wait How we wait inside How we come to realize How we turn How we turn inside How we come to be so right It's always someone else It's in the distance I feel I can do without this protection It's in the arm or the wheel I can do without misdirection Each to oneself
razor wind 04:06
Razor Wind ------------ Something innocent Something old as rain The more stay the same The more that it change I'm aware the razor wind blows I've been cut Find the word emancipation Means surrender to the soul As we all form a line As we all form a line I'm in the moment As you walk away Still you hesitate It' so hard to kill And yet we remain I'm aware the razor wind blows I've been cut Find the nice reverberation And surrender to the sun


released July 15, 2007

kevin sandbloom - lead vox/guitar/percussion/bass/keyboards/production
melany bell - backing vox/percussion


all rights reserved



Sandbloom Los Angeles

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