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SO u r


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nLOVE 04:38
nLOVE Whatever the was The high-def compromise Of memory No lack of insight Could break the spell Of the now I may not be lost But can’t say for certain That I found it The closer that you get The closer you get to nothing It’s a futile exercise Wanting something else I knew then from deep inside What it already was A farce In case of fire Break glass and run Then come back around Yes that’s gonna leave a mark Each and every moment I'm Awake Open your eyes You can’t tell me that you’ve been in love Whatever the world Is teaching me Apropos of nothing, G I wake up in the middle Of all these feelings Could tell by the way You answered that you Could be in it I’m mostly solitary Since I learned to talk To myself
NOBODYe 04:24
NOBODYe I’m way out west At the edge of the world And I’m tired of trying To keep myself Positive And I know I’m Positively sick Sick to my soul Cause I can’t let go No I can’t let go This is what you get When you’re everything You wanted to be And nothing to nobody Nothing to nobody Nothing to nobody But I still got me Said, "Look ma," I did Something good For once in my life All of my life Has been by myself And nothing to nobody Nothing to nobody But I still got me I was in love once I was responsible For someone else’s heart Failed to make good Couldn’t make it right But what I really wanted For once my life Was to be something to somebody Something to somebody Something to somebody Instead of Nothing to nobody Think I’ll lay it down
tPOUR 04:05
tPOUR Wish I had someone to pour my love into The more that things change The more they stay the same Girl you won’t reach out And you know I’m not your clown I know there's no doubt That you wanted me around Here we stand In never never land You know that you are My beautiful star
SCIZZa 03:42
SCIZZa You can be my rock My scizza My scizza My paper Honest is something we do until It’s time to say goodbye Different is something you want Until I’ve fallen out of your eye It’s getting tougher to find Someone new now that Time has gone by You were my world You changed my mind Your name I breath into my Pillow as I lay me down I keep a home in my heart For you chance that you ever come back Love is a rose falling out of my Fingers as it turns black You can find me here in the dark
aLONELY 04:48
aLONELY If it isn’t one thing It’s another thing So you are Happy days are here again I have lost my only friend I will cover myself with dust Where, in whom, can you trust Don’t stay alonely 40 days of balancing You are playing just for me Don’t you care that I am here Hiding from you my own fears
MARIaPOSA O' to the soul glow Pay no mind when it’s cold Facing me I fall down You are certain when I doubt I love you Mariposa I’ve been late here I’ve been day 5 for years Trepidation signs What I want is kind I love you Mariposa I wasn’t looking Only chasing clouds Save your worst for the sun As he fades everyone I love you Mariposa



A collaboration between singer-songwriter Kevin Sandbloom and
producer/engineer Michael Morgan, this is a sonically fresh melding
of blues, rock, soul, jazz, bossa and electronica straight from the
foothills of Altadena, CA. Lyrically forlorn and lovesick, the songs
have a dark swagger that undercuts complex emotional terrain.

The EP revisits an earlier work produced by the duo that garnered a
demo deal with Virgin Records but has yet to see the light of day. On
this record, Sandbloom mans the drums for the first time with an
emphasis on getting the right feel underneath his guitar and vocal
work. Morgan deftly creates a unique soundscape that evokes an off-
world eeriness and lends a dystopian cinematic backdrop to the
proceedings. Described as lush, rich and funky, we hope you enjoy
this latest offering by the folks at Red Llama Music.


“Nice. I love it.
It’s beautifully complex...... With it still being emotionally available.”
-Chris Kirby

“!!Love the layered sounds, the music works great with Kevin’s vocals the songs have depth and inner light, with an innovative and thoughtful presence.
Clap clap clap!”
-Riquelle Small

"A work of art/madness/genius! I love it!"
-Iyapo Moyende Ngina

“This sounds fucking great. Funky and thoughtful and a little challenging”
-Pat Griffin


released November 25, 2020

all music & lyrics by Kevin Sandbloom © Red Llama Music 2020
all instruments: Sandbloom
mix/sound engineering (& piano on aLONELY): Michael Morgan


all rights reserved



Sandbloom Los Angeles

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