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under pink and bourbon skies

by Sandbloom

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mandr8ke The brand of raw soul and blues that (Kevin) Sandbloom brings with this project inspires several listens. "Sweetness", "Miss Me" and "Up From The Cracks" get the most repeat plays. Favorite track: miss me.
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sweetness 04:36
Sweetness ----------- I am still as all of night When she calls from where she lies And I'm taken with a smile With an orange and berry wine Now she's wrapped upon my vine But my vision still is clear Sweetness set me free Where opposites won't hurt nobody Days I can still feel my will against her skin I radiate from a familiar place I wanna be in-your sweetness When you wear that candy dress Will you look at this old mess In the service of your wish At this moment recognize I will let you walk inside But my search is all but done Pray for this simple release Pray for this-complicated only by what we hide Under pink and bourbon skies Yes she told me with her eyes As I watched her walk it by Sweetness set me free Where opposites won't hurt nobody Days I can still feel my will Against her skin We radiate from a familiar place-I wanna be in Your sweetness
lonely world 03:52
Lonely World ------------- How can I be somebody How can I work this work this How can I feel so high yet so worthless Come on and do that I can't operate on maybe You were barely listening I can swear the more i struggle more it Hate me I'm forever mystified Now it's just a lonely world-here am I-I get by Everybody trippin-everybody Working- everybody in it How can I get it-get it How can I live in service How can I move with purpose How can I go beyond surviving and learn this I can't operate on nothing You weren't even listening I can swear the more I struggle more he hate me Now it's just a lonely world
lately love 05:10
Lately Love ------------ Some say love is a disappointment Until now it seems I didn't know it I could take Upon a wing and fly away Won't you you leave this girl just as she was Lately love-has been going through changes Told myself I wouldn't disbelieve it Time may never-remove the scars from my hands Won't you leave this girl just as she was She will live-through the tables turning Bless her faults and all her paradoxes Won't you leave this girl
say the word 05:27
Say The Word -------------- In the fading hours of summer she asks me home Feast for eyes-that lingered long before I knew She might just say the word Incandescent as it waxes and wanes-our fire Bless it with a song Yes we're free to write Whatever makes us whole and strong She might just say the word Time has taken on a fortunate mark-your breath Hear me now-when separate hearts accept their fate She might just say the word Blessings And the first shall be the last-this too shall pass Morning comes and lingers it's shadows upon But when the sun is full and high She might just say the word
Coffee And A Strong Desire --------------------------- This morning - this morning - got coffee and a strong desire Hey there miss o ma - won't you put in my submission Hey there miss o ma - won't you care for my condition Got a strong desire
girl 03:19
Girl ----- Strung on these three words That go floating through my mind It's you baby-it's you baby Trace the surface of-this old melancholy moon Go slow baby-go slow baby-I am coming home Girl you make me feel-so myself That's how-girl you make me feel So myself that's how I want-you should know Hey love-stay love-stay near I can't stand the silence and you won't suffer fools Be sure baby-be sure baby Come and tell me why I should wait another day I'm sure baby-for sure baby Girl you make me feel-so myself-that's how
Sentimentally Yours ------------------- I put my faith in human race and social graces I put my trust in your sweet face and open spaces I fall in love so easily -why can't I see I sing your song so solemnly Sentimentally yours I woke you thus to whisper this I miss you deeply I won't give in til I'm worn thin This is my weakness I fall in love so easily Sentimentally yours
miss me 04:07
Miss Me -------- When you were low Who would hold your fire Tired and I'm worn Better to remind Darling miss me Don't stay-don't leave-don't fight Don't hide Nothing is wrong Hear my ready lie Hard head and all Darling miss me
Up From The Cracks ------------------- So far in the rough I've been called a diamond or worse than that L-o-v-e-n lovin' every minute of it I've been overboard I fell so hard they Left me for carrion B-e-s-t best to keep it under your hat Don't you know I'm up from the cracks-I can see the light After so many years-don't you know I'm not going back-gonna see it through 'Til it's all well and good Save me from myself I never told you I wasn't a handful T-e-s-t-i-f testify on every word Do the camel walk I walked alone in the desert of my mind Thirsty to the core Yet there's water everywhere Don't you know I'm up from the cracks
silent fire 03:53
Silent Fire ----------- I'll forever be your silent fire The evidence of such beyond compare I'll forever watch the rise and fall Of you asleep beneath the shimmering air Oh my love Said I worship you the way Oh my love Said I worship you the way All it took to make a moment stay And there's enough to walk away Lemon yellow all around your life Child it took so long to get it right Oh my love Said I worship you the way
You Should Know --------------- You say good morning and I give in to dawning A new day Maybe something will tell me it's gonna work I can't help thinking about what you were talking about You won't remember so I will try to forget It's hard for me to ignore Nothing has changed You should know I'd say I'm sorry for all the times I said it But check yourself it couldn't be so hard To open it up Too elevated to hurt But this is something that can't be Undertaken without you Givin' it up I got something I want you To build with me You should know Time after time there are finite minutes left In this situation can't we disable What's gone in the past I'm willing darling but can we both be able To let each other know that it's alright For this I will ask I got something I want you To build with me You should know
I've been so many places in my life and time I've sung a lot of songs I've made some bad rhymes I've acted out my life in stages With ten thousand people watching But we're alone now And I'm singing this song to you I know your image of me Is what I hoped to be I treated you unkindly But darling, can't you see? There's no one more important to me Baby, can't you see through me? 'Cause we're alone now And I'm singing this song to you You taught me precious secrets Of a true love withholding nothing You came out in front when I was hiding But now I'm so much better And if my words don't come together Listen to the melody 'Cause my love is in there hiding I love you in a place Where there's no space or time I love you for my life You're a friend of mine And when my life is over Remember when we were together We were alone And I was singing this song to you


released March 20, 2009


all rights reserved



Sandbloom Los Angeles

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