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Viva Los Angeles

by Sandbloom

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Anthony Garcia
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Anthony Garcia One of the greatest singers. One of the greatest songwriters. One of the greatest men I've ever known.
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Viva Los Angeles Push it over the line Push it one more time Baby that's love Got to get down or lay down Put a notch in your belt And then cinch it tight Someone might say That isn't healthy or sane It's so easy to find you On the avenue of damn straight You betta get you some While you here Viva Los Angeles Livin' where the fools gold Looks like sunshine I couldn't tell you I know the difference Even your children know This is where the hustlers Go to get it I hope you find Whatever you're lookin' for As a matter of fact Yes I like it like Like it like that Sound of the city Drownin' me Yes it's cold and it's dark Drivin' down the boulevard Of broken dreams Somebody help me say Anybody help me say
You Make Me So Right I remember seeing your face Then I moved into a different space You were comfortable and I was glass half-full and Now I'm oh so sure that you were made for me Baby You make me so right I'm not interested in "out there" Ever since you were my lady fair Lets take all the time we Need to let it wind out I'm so glad I found out everything you are Baby You make me so right Till we are covered in our past Tell me why it couldn't help but last You were cautionary I was so contrary I'm on top and I won't ever let this go Darlin' You make me so right
Stung By Degrees Bags on my feet Hedonist, awful hours in awe I'm on the street Hearing the marching orders come Stung by degrees The what, the all, the I, the of Stung by degrees Ever, ever, ever, ever Evidently She knows they all submit to her Into the fire Come on, come on, come on, come on When I can feel Beautifulness, I bow before you I'm on the wheel Bringing me back, the pendulum swings When I can feel This is the world I'm in
Woman 06:16
Woman A September song Was all we had The last time you looked upon me with love Now it's January cold And I am all alone With my memories, fading on, fading on Take this war love from out my chest I don't wanna feel no more Take this soul love You own it evermore Woman I can't know another The days are so tired The days of summer are gone Lips torn against each other Words twisted into heart-shaped boxes We of movie kisses She a living movement, an actress in three parts One part wine, one part sugar, one part razor Wit and sharply barbed tongue Wired fence I could not get through nor escape Help, he thought, as he lay in bed for the 16th year in a row I cannot break free I shall die here a prisoner Committing crimes to return behind bars A helpless recidivist Please, please say those words one more time Just once more before I have to leave you He wakes up in an empty house and thinks, help There is no turning back The only thing he could have done was the wrong thing Saving himself was the wrong thing When she left him with nothing but the promise of her love He climbed her saffron peaks again and again Falling, climbing, falling she said Don't leave, I need you And so he moved out into the world To make money among strangers All the dark survival smelling like rejection He knew in the end she would hate him So she wrote him one more poem And made love to him the day he returned Little did he know, it would be the last time But hadn't it always been this way Hadn't every time felt like the last time
Slow Ride 05:21
Slow Ride Slow ride with you mama Leaves on the ground blow due west My whole wold is complete Warm within the circumference of your mouth I can't afford to lose myself again It took me everything I had to find it Fading into all I've known Fate is everywhere we've gone Waiting low and long I'm telling you now Knew that this day would become Else I never sorted you out, never could Symptom of my wish to make it plain Slow ride with me
All Night Long Temple to your heart next to my bed We will devote Hours in spice Shy, you opened to my touch Now I could spend all day drifting on clouds You blew my way Indeed, my butterfly Keep your sweet name in my mouth All night long Precious enfolding Bring me joy, infatuating Yeah, you are the sun come unto me All night long Oh sugar, my sweetbread Hold me close like you do Just me and you All night long Baby come home to me Why not, why not bless us both without reserve Everything I can give is everything you deserve I make sure I stay gently on your plane Gently say your name Come on lady, I won't play no games wit ya Make exchange wit ya, change and bend That's how life is in the end We stay friends even when golden years amend our fire Girl, I can't much, baby, we can't get much, Honey, I can't get much, lover, we can't get much Higher Sugar, my sweetbread Hold me close like you do Just me and you All night long Absently I wander through hours Your on my mind Everything new Won't you take me down with you All night long Tried to wave it off Child, you know I can't help it when You say that this is us All night long Oh sugar, my sweetbread Hold me close like you do Just me and you All night long Te quero, come on
Strange Conversation (Ted Hawkins) I had a strange conversation My baby called me on phone She said your next lover's gonna be the blues Cause baby I'm gonna be gone They's gonna be dark as the night Then things won't be going just right Dearest the one, queen on your throne Don't ever leave me alone Cause without your touch Darlin', I'd have no love I'd have no love That's why I wanna say baby, baby, baby Longing to hold you near Can't you hear, and all the sweet things I wanna whisper in your ear Because love is gone and the only thing you Got to do girl, is come on home baby please Where you belong Why I gotta say, baby, baby, baby
Altogether Better From the first day that I Laid eyes on you Can't lie to you I knew that you were such a fine person You were made for me We chose we Each other for each other Now take me Exposed to you You know that I Can't stop thinkin' bout ya Lover we'll make it Unbreak it We'll slow dance Inside of each other Sugar I'm altogether better where u are I may not be around but I'm not far Honey don't you know I'm happy underneath your magic spell I know I shall be yours until that bell Now it evolves into This blessing No I'm not playing Now you're everything that I expected You're my precious My message You can tell me anything baby I'll follow You always Enthrall me 10 feet taller I'm standing you can Call it what you want but now I want you more than Anything
Strong Medicine Your love is August under my skin I can't resolve just where I fell in With your refrain my motion begins Woman don't you talk me down from your spell I may need to take everything on your shelf Lover you're strong medicine Medicine Medicine Your love is Georgia red clay and song I can't get right so let me be wrong I moan and lead with anticipation I may need to double up on my dosage Mother me won't you I need you close Lover you're strong medicine Medicine Medicine One taste on my tongue woman I need a drop so I can get better
The Beautiful Ones (Prince) Baby, baby, baby What's it gonna be Baby, baby, baby Is it him or is it me? Don't make me waste my time Don't make me lose my mind baby Baby, baby, baby Won't u stay with me tonight Oh baby, baby, baby Don't my kisses please u right U were so hard 2 find The beautiful ones, they hurt u everytime Paint a perfect picture Bring 2 life a vision in one's mind The beautiful ones Always smash the picture Always everytime If I told u baby That I was in love with u Oh baby, baby, baby If we got married Would that be cool? U make me so confused The beautiful ones U always seem 2 lose Baby, baby, Baby, baby, Baby, baby, Baby, What's it gonna be baby? Do u want him? Or do u want me? Cause I want u Said I want u Tell me, babe Do u want me? I gotta know, I gotta know Do u want me? Baby, baby, baby Listen 2 me I may not know where I'm going (babe) I said I may not know what I need One thing, one thing's 4 certain baby I know what I want, yeah and if it please u baby please u, baby I'm begging down on my knees I want u Yes I do Baby, baby, baby, baby I want you Yes I do
Sugafied 03:56
Sugafied Sweet as any other word That you could say to me and I'm Hungry for the sound, now I'm found Made, I made it back to you Now take me all the way sugar Here I'm in your clear atmosphere Where, my sin is lost Only if it is half-faded Oh Suga'f'I can make you come Say you will, say you will These hours marking only time Between our love and what we're gonna do about it Where my sin is lost Only if it is half-faded Oh Suga'f'I can make you stay Say you will


In Viva Los Angeles, Sandbloom re-affirms his love for his hometown, releasing a new version his classic song, "Viva Los Angeles," and gives you 10 more tracks of soul and grit. Also included are yet to be released fan favorites, "All Night Long" and "Woman," and yet another favorite, a remake of Ted Hawkin's "Strange Conversation."


released November 21, 2012

Kevin Sandbloom - Guitar/Vox/Keys/Drums/Bass/Programming/Production

Nikki Blak - Cover Photo


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Sandbloom Los Angeles

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